This is what you can expect from Kheddma.   

All our cleans are deep cleaning sessions performed by one to three cleaners that will cover every nook and cranny in the house. The team comes equipped with high grade chemicals and all the supplies and equipment needed for the task. Your home will be spotless and fresh in a matter of three to four hours. Kheddma is 5-star housekeeping at your doorstep.



- Dusting walls

- Sweeping floors

- Wiping handrail

- Cleaning AC unit for the outside if present

- Cleaning exterior of window frames

- Cleaning balcony window on the inside and out

- Organizing and cleaning all balcony furniture

Reception and Living Room

- Hoovering all carpets and sweeping under them

- Hoovering all furniture including sofas and chairs

- Dusting and polishing all wooden surfaces

- Dusting, polishing and organizing dining table and its chairs

- Cleaning the outside of ACs and fans in the reception

- Dusting all lighting and chandeliers

- Moving furniture to clean under and behind the items



- Cleaning and washing bathroom walls

- Cleaning and dusting the window from the inside and outside

- Cleaning and washing the bath tub on the inside and outside including the faucets and shower head

- Washing the toilet seat 

- Washing down the bathroom sink including the faucet

- Changing rubbish bins and cleaning it

- Wiping the sink’s mirror

- Changing the bathtub curtains if requested

- Dusting and wiping the bathroom door from the inside and outside

- Cleaning and sweeping the bathroom floor and arranging all items


- Cleaning all doors, windows and surfaces

- Cleaning outside of ACs and fans 

- Cleaning all wooden surfaces and furniture 

- Hoovering all carpets in the bedroom

- Changing bedsheets and covers and remaking the bed

- Cleaning and organizing vanity chest and its mirror

- Cleaning side tables and organizing

- Arranging and organizing all items in the room


- Cleaning all kitchen cabinets from the outside and the inside if requested

- Dusting and organizing any shelves in the kitchen

- Cleaning the exterior of the fridge and interior if requested

- Washing and drying all dishes if requested

- Cleaning and soaping all marble surfaces of the kitchen

- Washing and cleaning kitchen sink

- Cleaning the interior and exterior of the kitchen fan

- Cleaning exterior of the oven and the interior if requested

- Sweeping and cleaning kitchen floors

- Cleaning and washing all kitchen walls

2 Wadi El Nil Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt

Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm

Sunday - Thursday

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